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News - May 2020

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May Competition - Animal Portrait
The May 2020 competition is now open for entries and the entry deadline is midnight, Sunday 10-May. 

Theme: Animal Portrait

Definition:  The judges will be looking for an image that captures the character or spirit of the subject in an imaginative way; and expect to get a sense of the animal’s “personality” from the photograph.

Please submit your single jpeg image at 1400 pixels wide (max for a landscape) or 1050 pixels tall (max for a portrait) at 72 ppi.

If you need help resizing or with file naming please refer to the BSOUP website

Additionally, please indicate what your subject is, where it was taken, and what equipment was used.

Our judge this month is Mark Drayton

All images will be projected at the meeting and will be judged as anonymously as possible.

The email for submitting entries is: 

*** If you do not receive acknowledgement of your submission within 48 hours please send an email to ***

May Meeting
Next week will be our third online gathering and I think we are all getting quite used to this new way of meeting up. Last month 47 members from the UK and around the globe successfully logged in. You can put on your Zoom suit, disguise your favourite tipple as a cup of tea and settle down in the comfort of your own armchair for what promises to be an interesting evening. So wherever you are next Tuesday 19th May, log-in from 7.30pm onwards if you want to join the room for a chat before the main meeting begins at 8pm. This month we are delighted to welcome the multi-talented Simon Buxton who has very kindly stepped in at the last moment to replace Alex Tattersall who is, unfortunately, unable to join us.

Of course, if you are not yet a BSoUP member, now is the perfect opportunity to join: follow this link
The order of events will be:

7.30pm Room open for informal chat
8pm Introduction by Nick Watson - BSoUP Chairman
Monthly Competition - Animal Portraits
Definition: The judges will be looking for an image that captures the character or spirit of the subject in an imaginative way; and expect to get a sense of the animal’s “personality” from the photograph. There were 41 entries, which members may view at this link. You may be asked to log in if you haven't already done so. The competition has been judged by Mark Drayton who will announce the results at next Tuesday’s Meeting.

Mark is a retired neo-natal consultant living in Wales and is also a very successful underwater photographer, regularly winning competition
Simon Buxton - Blackwater Photography

Famous around the globe for its prolific macro opportunities, NAD in Lembeh, Sulawesi, was originally set up in 2006. In 2010, having already managed the resort for two years with his friend Mike Veitch, Simon and his wife Zee, took the plunge and bought it. A few "broke" years later they emerged from the smoke with a completely renovated resort, all new infrastructure and a good reputation. "We love diving and photography and we don't know of any other diving resort owners who still go on diving holidays as we do". After working for twelve years, Simon is also the longest serving photo-pro in the region. His work is published in ScubaDiver, Scuba-Diver Australasia, Asian Geographic, Alert Diver, Sport Diver, various news publications, and also for WWF,NHK Japan, LG in the moving picture realm.
What is Blackwater Diving?
Blackwater diving can broadly be described as dropping in the water and looking for planktonic / larval forms of marine creatures. Beyond that there are a few methods you can use depending on what depth of water you are prepared to hang over:
‘Bonfire’ diving is where you put some lights on the sand to attract plankton.
‘Blackwater drift’ is where you attach lights to a hang line and drift through deep water. All going well you will not see the bottom.
‘Black ops’ this is the most difficult style where we drift without any strong lights in deep ocean water.

The meeting will close at 10pm


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