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BSoUP Meeting - December 2001

by Andy Clark

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Open Portfolio Competition

It hardly seems a year since the last Open Portfolio. A year BSoUP members sat before adorning screens, paper and pencil to ready to nominate the years' winner and runners-up. Ready to award trophy, shield and £100.00 cheque donated by Dive magazine.

But as I flick through notes from the monumental Y2K event, it's interesting to see that despite an additional four entries on last year, this years' top three also featured heavily in that just 12 months ago, just shuffled about to occupy altered egos.

In 4th place and featuring for the first time, with 27 points - Alex Mustard. In 3rd place with 32 points - Linda Dunk - with vibrant, punchy images of Bonaire tubastrea, sweetlips eye, shoaling snappers, red-tail butterflyfish, diver with red sponge and clam mantle. Closing in at 2nd place with 35 points - Gary Clark - with an admirable display of colour and contrast in French angle fish, goby on sponge, silhouette of schooling jacks, salt pier coral, flamingo tongue nudibranch and tubastrea coral. But the winner of the 2001 Open Portfolio Competition with 37 points - Tony White - with a masterly combination of dedication and location (Indonesia); pair of boxing crabs on hard coral, coral goby on divaricate tree coral, coral crab on divaricate tree coral, crinoid shrimp on host crinoid, reef scene with featherstars: and leaf scorpionfish. Superb! Congratulations one and alfl!

As 2001 reaches its festive pinnacle, dusk falls and envelopes the years' final meeting. A meeting of great and joyous repute. Not to be missed, not to be confused with other lesser meetings. This was (as always) an accumulation of much acclaimed, underwater masters and disciples in search of similar virtuoso, others (voyeurs), content in their acquaintance with representatives of such a society - a fellowship where determination and enthusiasm rewards. Where precious visual creations adorn the suspended silver cloak we frequently pay homage to. Where agreement and favour reward and recognise inspiration and innovation, charm and ability, and pronounce the creators 'winners' or . runners-up'. Where we grant such salute with fine trophies and shields upon which their names will lie (with much pride), until once more (next year) ferocity and contest continues. Take heed - competition is strong!

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to you all.

Reproduced from in focus 73 (February 2002)


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