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BSoUP Meeting - November 2001

by Pat Morrissey

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1. Apologies for absence - Hilary Driscoll

2. Minutes of AandM 2000 - Pat Morrissey

3. Matters arising from AGM 2000 - none

4. Membership Secretary's Report

Peter Tatton reported current membership numbers down on the last financial year. Of the 54 new paid members, 39 renewed their membership.this financial year. 27 new members joined BSoUP this financial year. Numbers, working on postal addresses as opposed to individuals, numbered 216 (approximately 240 members in total including 7 honorary members).

5. Treasurer's Report - Hilary Driscoll

Peter Tatton on behalf of Hilary Driscoll A reminder to all those who have yet to amend their standing orders for club membership -your current payments can only be accepted as 'donations'.

If you wish to continue to receive your copies of In Focus please amend your payments; within a 50 mile radius of Central London - £25.00. Outside the 50 mile radius £20.00 Overseas members £23.00

It is accepted that the annual Splash In and Fish Hunt are not run to make a profit, merely break even.
Monies spent on the BSoUP magazine In Focus are deemed monies well spent and there should be no objections to spending more should it be necessary.

Funds for 2001 saw a shortfall of income of f?500.00, however, expenditure for 2001 was also lower, in the region of E500.00. It is thought that to ensure the smooth running of the club, available funds should not fall below E5000.00.

6. Chairman's Report - Colin Doeg

An appeal for competent participants for the two day CMAS event in France next year. Applicants should be experienced in 'day' events to compete. The five categories are; wide angle (with model), wide angle, macro, specialised macro and fish portrait.

Another appeal for those interested in the Swimming Pool Championships. CMAS are running the pool event and the open event on alternate years.

Changes to next years Splash In - thoughts are to discontinue the Fish Hunt but to include another category in the Splash In event.

Plans to run a 'Red Sea Shoot Out' have been shelved. It was thought to be a little unfair to those unable to attend. A special category may be included in the BSoUP year for one of the monthly meetings.

Paul Kay together with the MCS are planning a Code Of Conduct for underwater photographers. Although some aspects of the codes may prove unpopular, BSoUP is to show responsibility and
support and draft the code.

The fall in membership is acceptted. With the evolution of other photography clubs around the country (BSoUP encourages these) the fall is predicted. Influence from the USA - Afghanistan situation may also be partly to blame. The low turn out for this year's Spalsh-in could be down to low publicity - the uncertainty of Bovisand's future the main reason for this. The event itself is far from 'remarkable'. Maybe a change of format, paid advertising, or some innovation to make it more appealing?

9. Any other business - none.

Beginner's Portfolio for the DIVER Trophy

Best Beginner's Portfolio attracted 17 entries this year, all jostling for a chance to bag the Diver Trophy (the silver clam, spoon warmer) the shield and the £100.00 cheque donated by Diver magazine. And a magnificent display it was too, far from my interpretation of 'beginner'. Bold colours, bountiful marine life, and an abundance of creativity enough to satisfy anyone beyond the 'beginner' category.

In 4th place, with 29 points - Ewan Shearer. Holding 3rd place with 41 points - Jukka Nurmminen, with an outstanding exhibition of freshwater opportunities -lilies, diver silhouettes and good moody freshwater scenery. 2nd place with 54 points occupied Mary Jelliffe with a masterly mix of frogfish, children, jacks, pigmy seahorse and an emperor shrimp. But the winner of the 2001 Best Beginner's Portfolio with a massive 80 points, Bristol Group guest Cathy Lewis and a worthy offering of clown fish and glass fish, clam mantle, tubeworm, green coral and frogfish. Fantastic!

Congratulations to all for such a high standardl

Deep Wreck Photography by Leigh Bishop

Many of you will have read about the 1998 expedition to the wreck of the Brittainic. Many of you will have seen some of the images from the seabed at 120 metres, but have any of you wondered about the implications of such a photographic venture, or of the man behind that article and others on deep ocean wrecks?

Well, imagine yourself and all your photo kit, now add twin 20ltr cylinders plus 2 x 121tr side mounted cylinders, make a jump entry of several metres, descend to 120 metres for twenty minutes bottom time and then spend around five hours at deco stations! This is precisely, what Leigh Bishop has been doing regularly. In a bid to bring reader something 'different', Leigh has mode regular visits to the deep 'I compile articles on wrecks, including the Brittannic and, more recently the Charybdis.
I had little photographic knowledge,' Leigh explained. ' I had borrow a camera and a strobe... I didn't even know the depth rating the cameral I just parked up my scooter and took photographs.' But the photographs were an essential part of what Leigh had in mind. He had hurdles to scale to be able to produce the sort of article he wanted to put his name to; the knowledge of deep technical diving, to build his own confidence, wreck research and of course, the photography. And, through much trial and error Leigh managed a series of successful shots that began to build him into the self-sufficient photojournalist he aspired to.

'I got my best results on aperture priority initially,' Leigh explained and went on to praise the versatility of 400 ASA film, vowing to continue its use while projecting image after image of deep dark wreck. The photography did progress and subsequently Leigh decided to buy his own kit - F90X in Aquatica housing, 20mm and 60mm lenses and a variety of strobes including the Sea and Sea YS 300 and 120.

'My pictures were improving,' (his confidence too), 'and I often found myself switching to manual.' Leigh had visions of the shots he wanted and called himself an, 'image creator'. Some of those images, from the Lustiana '99 expedition graced the screen, equally rewarding and atmospheric, testimony to Leigh's determination. But what next? The experiments with photography go on. The deep wrecks will be visited and the articles will follow.

All that Leigh needs to do now is,'to get those technical divers out of those black suits! ... Colour photography needs colourl'

We wish you luck!

A superb evening once again!

Reproduced from in focus 73 (February 2002)

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